fredag 12 december 2014

Newsletter Week 51

Dear Parents
Time has really flown to a final week with the children. It has been a challenging yet very rich with new experiences for me as a Class Teacher. I have been profoundly captured by the engagement of parents towards the children performance welfare and leisure. This kind of engagement terrifying as it may have been sometimes is very ideal if a child is to succeed.
For the highest majority of parents it has been a great and valuable exchange focused on direct engagement with the children`s academic work at school. Parents have been helpful directly, prompt when consultation was needed on an issue respectful and kept their boundaries. This has been great teamwork. For areas that did not work we will try to engage the right gears for next term.
The children have written reflections about their favourite book this Term. They have also had book talk with each child giving information about a book that they borrowed from the Library 10 days ago. The reflections were very healthy as children related their stories in a away that was stimulating for others to want to read the books.
I have managed to find a source of class sets for the class. Where there is a will there is always a way. The first sets have already been delivered and issued to students. It will be quite high responsibility if we will use the Circulation Library for class sets since if we lose a book, we will not be able to borrow books. I have borrowed Matilda and Charlie Chocolate Factory by Roahl Dahl. I may be compelled to let the children read one of them over Christmas this will initiate mixed reactions but I tender my apologies. I have done yet another LUS test and a lot of progress in reading has been made by the children
We have focused a lot on Multiplication using Number Sense to 3 digit numbers.
The children are free from homework next week. However I have issued them with Matilda of Roahl Dahl. They can read the book until they finish. I will have activities to do with the book in the first 2 weeks next Term.
There was a beautiful ceremony for the Lucia today. William, Yessenia, Olivia and April represented our class in the choir. A very great gesture!
End of Term
The 18th Dec is the last day of school. Children will have a great closure that will involve full day school activities. We will have some refreshment in the afternoon before the final closure. There will be a ceremonial closure at the schoolyard. Fireworks will be excluded this year, as it is not suitable for the environment. There will be no formal school on the 19th December.
We will communicate some more before Christmas. Enjoy a memorable Lucia with your precious children.
Kindest Regards

 Jacqueline Zettergren










tisdag 9 december 2014

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

Newsletter Week 50

Dear Parents
The term is drawing to a close as we are. The Christmas season is on and will have a grand ceremonial opening tomorrow during the Christmas Bazaar, which is a grand gesture by parents to make an occasion great for children. Unfortunately due to pressure of time, I will be against my wish and will,  be compelled not to attend the Christmas Bazaar. I have tendered my apologies to the children.

Agnes and I are cooperating strongly to avoid strained relations between the children. We are committed to approaching it on a daily basis if there is a requirement for it.

Important Dates
The 12th of December will be a Lucia date. Children will have their Lucia tag at 8:45. The term ends on the 18th of June for the children. The children will have a prolonged day at school in order to have a closure at 16:30. That means that they will not need to turn up in school on Friday the 19th of December. More details will be given later.

The children have learnt two ways of calculating multiplication. By using Number Sense (talsorter) and uppställning. Focus was on page 110 and 111. If the children who have completed Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication can continue with pages 112 to 115 for next week for homework, it will be absolutely in order. The mathematics test results were great. 98% pass for the class. I strongly believe that the children could have managed a 100% pass if time if there was adequate time allocated. It is still important to groom children into making quizzes a natural part of a learning process if failure is a positive aspect of success and if mistakes are made only to be a part of letting us learn what we have to do differently to lead to success then it is so wonderful for the children. 13 out of 19 children had over 90% passes in the exam. You must remember that the majority of parents who have walked this stride with us to generate these results have done a great job for their children.
The children are to continue to read for book talk on Wednesday week 51.
In the coming weeks we will do more Chemistry on Matter, Elements and Compounds and scan through the periodic table. I will base more energy on revision to see to it that whatever skills we learned have been mastered.
Lucia Day
On Lucia day the children will start school as usual. However Grade 4 b`s are scheduled to have their celebration at 8:45. The school will be closed at 7:55 and all light turned off for the first moment of the Lucia Tåg. Our class will enter the building at 8:20 and at 8:40 the main building will be closed again and lights turned off for another celebration.
I hope you enjoy the Christmas Bazaar. I hope to be less busy another occasion to be together with the childrens`parents on a fun activity. I appreciate especially the class parents who have taken an active role in letting children enjoy this. Appreciation to Linda, Sara, Katarina, Katarina Rauch and all the parents who make positive contributions in one way or another to boost positive energy and aura in to our very precious 4b`s whose performance give us a lot of pleasure.

Have a splendid Christmas Bazaar and a great weekend.

 Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren