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Story By Leonard
Tomorrow when Dad calms down ill tell him the truth. He might laugh. He might cry. Or he will strangle me. Whatever he does, its worth it, because yesterday was hilarious. Let me tell you the story.
Dont get me wrong, my dad is a good guy. But he has two flaws.
1. Flies. He doesn't  use fly spray because its bad for the environment, so he uses a fly swat. He will literally run around swatting like a madman until the fly is squashed. Sometimes, the fly has still got a tiny bit of life in it, moving its legs in misery. When me or mum buy him a new fly swat, it lasts for max 2 weeks.
2. Manners. Dad is mad about manners. And its always my manners that matter.
Marcus, no elbows on the table
Dont talk with your mouth full!
Dont lick your fingers
Stop dipping your biscuit in the cordial
This is the way he goes on every meal. He has a thing about flies and a thing about manners.
So one day Dad was peeling the potatoes for dinner. I was looking for my dollar that rolled in under the table last week. Mum was making the salad. Neither of them were aware i was in the room. It was a very important meal, since Dads boss, Mr Harambeman, was coming for dinner. Dad never stops going on about my manners when someone comes for dinner. You should stop picking on Marcus at dinner about his mannerssays Mum. I dontsays Dad. Yes you do. Its always don't do this, don't do thatsays Mum. Tonightsays Mum I don't want you to pick on Marcus at all, ok?” ”Easysays Dad. Try hardsays Mum. Promise you won't get cross with himDad looks at her for a long time. Finesays Dad.
Its a deal. I won't say a thing about his manners. But you can't either. Whats good for me is good for you.” ”Shake on thatsays Mum. They shake hands and laugh. I find my dollar and sneak out. I think about how I'm going to make Dad crack. This will be easy. Ill slurp my soup. He hates that. Surely he will tell me off. He might even yell. I just know he cant go on for a whole meal without cracking. This is going to be funI say to myself.
That night Mum set the table with the new tablecloth. And the new cutlery. And the fancy plates and glasses. She puts our serviettes in fancy little rings. We don't usually use serviettes. That means it is an important meal.
Mr Harambeman comes in his best suit. He wears small round glasses and he frowns a lot. You can tell he doesn't like children. You can always tell when an adult doesn't like children. They smile at you with their lips but not their eyes. Anyway, we sit down to eat dinner. I put my secret weapon under the table. Im sure i can make Dad crack without using it. But its there if all fails.
The first course is soup with baguettes. I make loud slurping noises with the soup. No one says anything. I make the slurping noises louder and louder. They go on and on. It sounds like someone has pulled the plug in a bathtub. Dad clears his throat but doesn't say anything. I try something different. I dip my bread in the soup to make it soggy. I break off a piece of a piece of it, I hold it high and drop it into my mouth. I catch it with a loud slopping noise. I do it again with a bigger piece, making an even bigger slopping noise. I have my last piece, this time it misses my mouth and a soggy piece of bread hits me in the eye. Nothing is said. Dad looks at me. Mum looks at me. Mr Harambeman tries not to look at me. They are pretending that I'm not disgusting.
The next course is chicken. Dad will crack over the chicken. Hell say something. He hates me picking the bones. Dad, Mum and Mr Harambeman are talking about how dad might get a promotion.
The chicken is served. I get the but, I get the butt!I shout. Dad glares at me but doesn't say anything. I pick up the chicken and start stuffing it into my mouth with my fingers. I grab a potato and break it in half. I dip my fingers in the butter and smear it on the potato. It melts and runs all over the place. Ive never seen anyone looking as mad as Dad looks at me. He glares. He stares. But he doesn't crack. What a man. I don't know how he hasn't broken his promise yet. I break a chicken bone in half. Its hollow, so i use it to suck up some chicken fat. Dad is basically a human tomato. But still, he doesn't crack.
The dessert is served. Its apple pie with custard. Mr Harambeman has stopped talking about Dads promotion. Now hes talking about something like setting limits, and having high standards. I use the hollow chicken bone to suck up the custard. Dad clears his throat. Marcus” ”Yes?I say. He is going to crack. Ive won. NothingHe mumbles. What a man. Hes under enormous pressure and hes not saying anything. There is only one thing left for me to do. My secret weapon. I place the fly swat on the table. Nothing is said. I pick up the fly swat and lick it. I lick it like an ice cream. A bit of chewy brown goo comes on my tongue. I swallow it. Its crunchy. I chew some black stuff and swallow. Mr Harambeman rushes out to the kitchen. I can hear him being sick in the kitchen sink. Dad stands up. Hes cracked. He runs after me with clawing fingers. Aarrrgghhhe shouts. I run it. I run up the stairs to my room and lock the door. Dad yells and shouts. He kicks and screams. But I have decided to lie low for the night. Tomorrow, when he calms down, Ill own up. Ill tell him I bought a new fly swat for my dollar. Ill tell him about the raisins and the small bits of licorice I smeared on the fly swat. I mean, I wouldn't really eat dead flies. Not unless it was for something important anyway.

                       The Witch Zelena by Anna
Once upon a time somewhere around year 1700 there was a witch. Her name was Zelena and she lived in a small village. The Witch  was a doctor. She was, actually, a very good doctor and she loved kids very much. However, sometimes people got fatally sick, (it was often innocent children that Zelena felt really bad for), but Zelena could not help them. At times Zelena felt so bad for them that she actually healed them! After all, she was a witch. This is how she did it: Zelena took a sick child into a secret room where she would heal them with her witchcraft. The kids would promise not to tell anybody that she was a witch and they would go out of there perfectly fine and healthy. Zelena had to be very careful so that no one would suspect anything since witches were hunted on back then.
There was one child called Isac that had been in the hospital where Zelena worked for a long time. Zelena would read for Isac every night and she would make sure to stay with him until he fell asleep. Despite all the efforts, his sickness got worse and other doctors said that Isac would die in a week. When Zelena got to know this, she was very sad. Isac was getting worse throughout the week but Zelena was not planning to use magic to heal Isac.
The day Isac was about to die his parents were there by his bed. Isac felt really bad. Zelena wanted to push her feelings away but she was simply too sad to let Isac die. Isac was getting worse and worse, Zelena snapped with her fingers and just like that she healed Isac from his sickness. Isacs parents said they would not tell anybody about what she did.
Time went by, Zelena lived her life. Once a group of men came to her house and asked: Hello Miss, have you seen any witches around? Zelena started panicking a little but she answered calmly that she had never seen any witches in this village. The men offered Zelena money if she told them about a witch she may have seen. But, obviously, Zelena would not give herself out so she said firmly: No I have not seen any witches around, why are you asking such a question?  The men answered: Well, you see, there is this story going on about a witch in this village. However, thank you for your time. Zelena closed the door behind them as the men walked out. In a few minutes someone knocked on the door again. It was the men again. Zelena opened the door, but this time the men just took her and carried her somewhere. From that point everything went black for the poor witch.
Zelena woke up in a small cell where she found a plate of strange soup and a piece of bread lying on the floor. There was a small window leading to a corridor where one of the men guarded her. Hey there,- screamed Zelena,- Where am I?. The man came to her and explained that Isacs parents had told the men about Zelena's witchcraft and that she would be burned in public the day after tomorrow. Zelena started crying and the man left her alone. As soon as she was left alone, Zelena got up and vanished from the cell. After all, she was a witch.
Zelena ran out to the woods where she spent the night. She realized it would not be smart to come back to the village or to trust humans again. Zelena healed a couples child and what did they do in return? They gave her out.
Zelena built a house in the woods and lived there for the rest of her life.

                    Argumentative text
 Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: who would make a better President?
By Anna Kolosenko, 6B
The topic of this discussion is the U.S election and who should have become the President of the United States of America. It is either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. My opinion is that Hillary Clinton should have won the election and that she would make a better President than Donald Trump. There are a number of reasons why I believe so.
First, Hillary Clinton stands up for women's rights and Donald Trump has said depreciative things about women multiple times.
Second, Hillary Clinton is well educated. She went to Maine East High School, Maine South High school, Wellesley Collage and Yale Law School. I also think she knows a lot about the Government because she is married to a former President Bill Clinton who served as a President and lived in the White House 1993-2001.
Lastly, I think that Hillary Clinton has realistic, good and reasonable goals and promises. For example, Hillary Clinton wanted to fight for an equal pay for men and women, paid maternal leave and affordable child care. These things lack in the US society today, so it would be good if we would have equal pay, affordable childcare, paid family leave e.t.c. It is also possible to reach these goals if we try, and Ms. Clinton had a clear program how to do it. In contrast, Donald Trump said: I will build a great wall and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I will build it very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words. That is not what I would call a realistic goal. Neither this is of any use for the modern society.
On the other hand, some people agree that Hillary Clinton has been in politics for too long. Apart from being Bill Clintons wife, she has been a Senator and the Secretary of State. Some people want a political outsider to be in charge for a change. This is, probably, due to their disappointment in the current government.
In addition, Hillary Clinton is not the best with technology. This became obvious from her email incident that was a wrecking ball for her campaign (she  used her private email server to handle governmental business). One can speculate that she was lying and had something to hide.  I do not think she was lying about it, but, rather, did not know how it worked.
They also say that America needs bigger changes than what Hillary plans. Her program is based on what has been done by Barack Obama. Many Americans think that his policies have to be changed radically (for example, ObamaCare should disappear.)
However, my view is that Hillary Clinton would have been a better President because I find the arguments for her much stronger than those against her. All in all, I hope that both Republicans and Democrats can burry the hatchet and work together for the good of people.

The Statue by Alexandra

There she was, standing there, petrified as the figure climbed out of its sarcophagus. The dark creature was slowly unraveling the old, thin cloth covering his entire body. When it was finished, he reached out with his big bony hands and grabbed her. She was screaming for help, trying with all her might to get away

from the mummy that kept her captive.

A few days ago, Lucille was just an ordinary girl in the 8th grade. She had just started a new school year at The Richman Academy. Normally, Lucille would walk through the hallway proud of her new outfit, looking for her friends. But this time, she did the exact opposite.

Lucille sat in the corner of the wide staircase, leading to her classroom. As she watched her classmates, friends, her friends parents, zooming up and down the stairs , she kept her eyes fixed on the floor and pulled her hoodie down so that it would cover her face completely.

This all started when she looked in the mirror the following morning and saw three thick green lines of marker on her left cheek. AHHHH screamed Lucille, MOM, MOM, COME, PLEASE. Pumpkin sighed mom, What happened? Lucille pointed to her cheek Moooooooom!!! How do I get rid of them, I cant go on the first day  of school like this! Honey, if I could help you I would but I cant, and dont worry about it, your little brother could not have drawn that in permanent ink she said as she tried to rub it off (but couldnt).

This type of reaction from her own mother was very different  for Lucille. Ever since her mom had given birth to a baby brother she had felt as though all of the attention that used to be hers was know her brothers. But of course, Lucille knew she couldnt complain. Her parents divorced a few months ago and now (since she was living with her mother) it was only Lucille, Mom and baby Ollie.

Lucille? said Emily sounding surprised Is that you? What are you doing here youre supposed to be in class! I cant come, said Lucille, slowly lifting up her hoodie I look weird she sobbed. I dont think youre weird, said Emily as she pointed at her own cheek, You cant see it now but I woke up with four bright pink marker lines apparently made by my sister. Really Lucille looked up at her best friend, You really did? Yeah, said Emily sumding her cheek with her finger My mom just put some grown up makeup on me so it wouldnt be visible, I have some more in my bag if you want. That would be awesome said Lucille in delight. When the two girls were done with the marker-covering, they ran upstairs turned left and opened the door to 8a.

Lucille and Emily where on earth have you been?! shouted the English teacher You two have missed half of the class on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?! Im so sorry Ms.Links said Emily as she ran to her desk, Me too Ms.Links said Lucille as she sat down at the desk next to Emily. Today you girls will only get a warning but next time this happens, detention, do you understand? Yes Ms.Links.

When both of you were gone continued Ms.Links The class and I were discussing the (th grade trip and…” Cool, where are we going? interrupted Emily, Next time Emilea Fisher listen to what I am Saying without interrupting! Or else I will make sure you do not go on the trip at all! Emily became silent. We are all going to... the History Museum of Washington.DC!

But, said Ms.Links making everyone in the class sigh with boredom, All of you, she said as she eyed Emily, Have to be on your best behavior Awww cried Jason sarcastically as the class laughed at his witty comment.


Eventually Monday turned into Friday and it was time for Lucille to go on a trip that would change her life. Come on, said Emily tugging on Lucilles sweater Everyone already went inside, what are you staring at?

Nothing,said Lucille quickly turning her head to face Emily. The truth was that Lucille had never been to Washington.DC  before. She just couldnt stop admiring how big it looked compared to Ohio.

Emily and Lucille rushed inside the museum looking for the class. They ran through the Aztec section, the Ancient Greek section and by the time Emily got to the class, Lucille was nowhere to be seen. Emily didnt think much of this and just carried on following the tour.

Lucille had just caught a glimpse of the class walking in the hallway as she ran into and artifact. The artifact shook and a flash of blue light was cast upon the entire Egyptian section. Lucille jumped back in shock as she watched the little statue she had just bumped into hop off its pedestal and onto the ground. The statue was mumbling something under his breath that sounded like some sort of spell.

Lucille had no idea what to do, she was about to run out of the room when she noticed that she couldnt move. The statue was going bonkers, jumping up and down all over the place gesturing with its tiny arms for all of the other figurines to wake up. One by one the various statues, pots, and carved stones hopped off their pedestals  and formed a circle around the one artifact that hadnt woken up yet, the mummy.

All the statues were holding each other's hands as they waited for their master to come back from the dead. ARGHHH shouted the sarcophagus as it shook ARGHH the lid was blasted off and slammed into the wall making slithers of concrete scatter around the blue room. Lucille could see the decomposing fingers as they crawled out of the sarcophagus followed by the linen-wrapped head emerging from the dark. As soon as the full body was revealed, the statue of Ra hurried to the door and slammed it shut.

Lucille was stuck. She couldnt move, couldnt go out the door, and couldnt escape. The mummy started walking towards her, slowly reaching out with his thousands of years old- arms, and just as he was about to grab Lucille, he vanished. All of the figurines looked confused. After a few seconds of confusion they all started running towards her, bumping into one another but then, POOF, they were gone. Without one moment of thinking, Lucille ran out of the room.

Lucille? said Emily in shock Where were you, I thought that you went ahead of me. Oh, um, I was the bathroom, it took a long time to find, Emily looked at her shaking her head in disbelief Youre funny, she said. If Lucille had told Emily what really happened, she wouldnt have believed her, or at least, thats what she thought.


Does Love Trump Hate? By Ayla

The topic of this discussion is whether Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party’s representative, or Donald Trump, the representative of the republican party should have become president.

My opinion is that Hillary is the person most suitable for the position. There are a number of reasons why I believe this.


First, Mrs. Clinton has had an active political background. For instance, she has been Senator of New York as well as Secretary of State. Secondly, Mrs. Clinton was progressive as First Lady, involving herself in important political issues, which have changed the world for the better. 

In addition, Mrs. Clinton is for women’s rights and strives to lift up women and also break down barriers that hold them back -barriers that have prevented them from pursuing their dreams and have discriminated women for hundreds of years. She sees the problem clearly, and won’t ignore it, because she knows how it feels to be discriminated.

She could also be America’s first female president. This is something that sets her apart from the former 44 male presidents.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton aims for universal quality healthcare that is affordable for everyone in the United States. Due to the expensive USA healthcare, many people have lost their lives, owing to the fact that they can’t afford special treatment. Is it fair that you have to be wealthy, to save your own life?

Aside from making the healthcare fair, Mrs. Clinton wants a fair tax system, making sure the wealthy pay their share of taxes, with an economy that works for everyone, not just the ones at the top.

Lastly, Hillary is for LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Trans and Bisexual) rights and marriage. She wants to help people with autism, disabilities and mental health issues to develop. She sees the best in people, seeing their strengths, not only their weaknesses.

I believe that she will be productive as president, because she has a strong will inside of her. A will that won’t stop working until America has reached its full potential. Instead of seeing a problem, she sees a way of fixing it.

Despite rough times, when hate has ben rained upon her, Hillary has stood strong, not letting any of this get to her. This is a quality we need to see in a president.


Others argue, that Hillary is unfit to be president, because she can’t be trusted. They bring up the incident when Mrs. Clinton used a private e-mail server which transmitted top secret information as an example.

Secondly, some think that Mrs. Clinton’s health isn’t strong enough for her to become president. This opinion was formed after she suffered blood clot in 2012, along with pneumonia in late 2016. They also argue that she is too old, even thought she is merely 69.

Last but not least we have, of course, that Hillary is a strong woman. Some say that a woman is unfit for president, and can’t handle the job (completely bogus if you ask me). Others simply are not able to accept the fact that she has worked harder, showing more dedication, and therefore has come further in her career.


However, Donald Trump has done his share of outrageous things.

First off, he spits out nasty comments every day, to show his hate against women, people of color, disabled people, LGTB’s, or in other words, everyone who isn’t a white, successful male. This is a person who has plowed his path to the White House by discriminating others and pushing the ones around him down. Freedom of speech, freedom of press, our right to our own bodies, quality healthcare, ones right to choosing abortion, these are things that we have taken for granted. Trump isn’t only going to take away what unites us people, he is also going to diminish these rights, the ones that make us feel safe.

Though Trump’s plan to scatter has backfired. It’s only now, when our rights are being robbed from us, right in front of our eyes, that we see an acuteness in the situation.

We have to keep fighting for our rights, in the way that our sisters and brother did before us. This has brought us together, when we decide to protest and make ourselves heard. No one can change the world alone.

Women and men, African Americans, Latin Americans, gays, lesbians, everyone against Trump, have decided to fight together, to create a change. Protests have broken out in over 600 places, all over the world, in order to save human rights.

Mrs. Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump! Give us our democracy back!


However, many citizens voted for Trump. Some reasons may be that, first, he says things that people want to hear. In a manipulative way, he reaches out to the people who feel that they are losing their power, along with their jobs. Here, he accuses the Muslims and the Mexicans for taking the Americans jobs. When he does this, he points a finger, stating that they are the problem, a problem that he can fix.

We all have to learn to accept that America is changing rapidly. The white should no longer have special privileges. Everybody should be able work their way up to the top, no matter who they are. Diversity is sweeping in like an enormous wave over America. Donald Trump is trying his best to clean up all traces of it. But we shall not let him succeed!


To sum up, my view is that Hillary Clinton is the candidate most fit for presidency.  She is a strong woman who can get her will through. She will never give up, no matter how hard the problem is. People will spit on her, scream at her and tear at her, but she will remain resilient!

She supports everyone, no matter their problems. This is because she knows that we all have to work together to succeed. Everyone has something to contribute, and these small contributions will change the world.

She believes in America, and wants to help the country in every way she can. She shows a deep love for America. A love that will help her make her choices, a love that will help her unite the people.

While people like Donald Trump are complaining about a problem, Hillary is already finding a way of fixing it.

 Presidential Arguments

 written by Elise Jansson


This discussion is about the presidential candidates, and my opinion is that Hillary Clinton should have become president year 2016.

Hillary Clinton

There are a number of reasons why I believe that Hillary Clinton should have been the 45th president of America. First because she likes all kinds of people and doesn’t judge by how you look, what you believe in or the gender you are in. Secondly, she doesn’t believe in sending out immigrants away from their families because they come from a different country. Lastly, she wants men and women to get equal pay, for example if a man and women would have the same job the man would earn more.


On the other hand some people agree that she wants to raise the tax which isn’t so good for the poor people that can barely buy food, which means if the tax increases then it would mean even less money for other things. In addition there are many videos of Hillary Clinton being very rude to her staff, for example when her body guard said good morning then she responded, ”F**k off! It´s enough that I have to see you ***-kickers every day, I´m not going to talk to you! Just shut your g** damn job and keep your mouth shut!” they also say that when Hillary was secretary of state then she used her personal email for confidential things instead of her secret serviced highly protected email. Now lots of people are hacking into her regular email and are leaking confidential things. People don’t trust her with the role of the president because they are scared that he might accidentally make the mistake again but with something way bigger.

Donald Trump

First, Donald wants to lower the tax for the people that are having a hard time with bills and school fees. Secondly, he says what people want to hear for example, the people by the border of Mexico, their houses gets broken into and things get stolen. Finally he wants to deport illegal immigrants which some people think is good, because they might be taking jobs from the people.


There are many reasons why I think that Trump is bad, but here are the most important ones. Firstly he is a racist, sexist and against gay couples. He wants America to not let in any Muslims into the country. Donald has also said it is ok to punch black people in the face and that if they did he would pay for their legal fees. In addition, he is proud to have sexually abused women. He has also said that if is daughter Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he would do things to her. Lastly, he looks up to the worlds dictators like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and other dictators that have done horrible things. Looking up to these leaders are never good.


However my view is that Hillary Clinton should be president because I don’t want a racist, sexist president.

Horror story By Ayla

If you follow an ingrown, barley visible path, that leads into the woods, and decide to keep on walking, further than any sane person would, you would arrive at a small cottage. This small cabin would make anyone feel uneasy. It has a desolate, eerie look to it. No one would question that anyone would be living there. But is that really the way it is?

The people who have ben brave enough to travel to the cottage, have reported hearing screams and shouts. Sometimes, if they have visited during a full moon, they would have sworn that they saw a small, lonely girl, in a long white dress and an unforgiving grin. When they tried looking her in the eyes, they would only find darkness, along with two empty sockets.

But these travelers are hard to locate, since only a handful have returned.

 “I don’t want to be here” is my first thought as I open the heavy wooden door to the cottage, which opens with a slow grinding sound, almost as if someone was screaming.

Pitch black darkness engulfs, and then suffocates me, like a thick blanket.
That foolish truth or dare! I would never have thought that they would dare me to enter the “Nuthouse” where they say the crazy people disappear to at night. But all of this is a myth, right?
As I step into the room, a cold wind rushes past me. A wind that makes all of the hairs stand up on my back, a wind that makes me want to dig a hole and never return from it.
Am I imagining it, or is someone screaming? A distant sound of agony and pain. Maybe I’m the one who should end up in the nuthouse?

 I blink, thinking that my eyes have deceived me, because I see a small flashlight that goes on and off. Almost as if someone is trying to talk to me in Morse code. It just floats in the air, no owner to it in sights.
I follow the lights beam to a doorframe next to me. As I turn around, the door slams shut behind me, and the last rays of light, provided by the moon, are now gone.

My whole body is trembling with fear. I don’t have faith in my own legs, because they are about to collapse any second.

The flashlight continues to flick on and off, directed toward the doorframe. Then something catches my eye. Did I really see that?

I rub my eyes. Hard. But the shadow still stands in the doorframe, accompanied with a toothless grin.

My legs can’t hold me anymore, and I drop to the ground. My body rocks back and forth on the dusty wooden floor, my teeth chattering uncontrollably.

Loud screams and cries surround me. I don’t believe that the sounds are in my head anymore. The cries continue, louder now. Chaos surrounds me. I want to join the sounds, but no words escape time goes on, the screams turn into crazy laughs. The sound floats in the air around me, like bubbles popping, only to become screams and hysteric laughter.

The wooden door starts banging against the door frame, but with no one there to bang it.

This time a scream escapes my lips. A chilling scream that would make anyone run away and never come back.

As I finally start coming to my senses, slowly surfacing from the deep pool of fear, I realize that I have to escape this nuthouse, whether its is real or not. Even though I can’t feel my legs, I somehow get up from the floor.

Dark shadows dance around me, screaming and clawing at me, but never touching. Soon I’m at the door, which I yank open with as much force as I can gather. As I run away from the rotting cottage, I don’t look back. I will never look back at this event, which has scarred me for the rest of my life.

                      HILLARY CLINTON VS. DONALD TRUMP by Yessenia


This argument is about whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump should have become president of the United States. In my opinion Hillary Clinton should have become president. I believe she would have done a better job than Donald Trump. 


I think she should have won the election because she stands for women rights and of course human rights. In fact she thinks the U.S. should help other countries that have war and let the people into America, and give the people who live illegally in the U.S. a citizenship if they fulfill different things, for example paying back taxes and fines and learning English. She also says that "You go to college to achieve dreams. But paying for college makes it harder to reach those dreams". Therefore she believes you should have better loans for playing for college.


Though some people are agains Hillary Clinton for reasons like, she has used a private email account which has transmitted top secret information. She is also very much against the Russians, which is a problem because that could cause many problems between American and Russia. That is bad because they are two very big countries and if somethings happened the whole world would be involved. Lastly I am not sure if America was ready for a woman as president.


I am against Donald Trump because firstly he is against immigrants because he thinks that they take away the Americans jobs. He is even planing to build a wall between America and Mexico so that the Mexicans can't get into the country. The worst part is that he wants to force the Mexicans to pay for building the wall. He is going to make the people who live in America illegally leave the country. Lastly HE IS NOT EVEN A POLITICIAN!


Some people really like Donald Trump. The reasons might be that he works with Russia (it could be bad to). He is also planning to lower the taxes and that makes people happy because they can keep more money, and that way get rich.


However my view is that Hillary Clinton should have won the election and become president of the United States of America. This is because in my mind she has more positive sides than Donald Trump.


By Yessenia

Argument     By Felix


This discussion is about wether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton should be president. In my opinion Hillary should be president.

Hillary Clinton

Arguments for

As a former secretary of state, U.S senator, first lady and a lifelong advocate for women and families, no one is more qualified to be president than Hillary. In addition she wants to save the environment unlike Trump and she thinks the wealthiest should pay their fair share in taxes.  

She likes all kinds of people. She said on the world stage that “Gay rights are human rights.” She has also given a lot of children health care. She knows equal pay, and paid leave are fundamental issues are economic issues not just “Women’s issues” Lastly she is a very strong woman.

Arguments against

Once when Hillary was practicing law she defended a man who had raped a 12year-old girl. In addition Clinton declared that the republicans are her enemies which leads to if she was in the white house there would be a lot of hatred from the first day to the last day.

She claimed multiple times that she had to run for her life because her plane landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. But actually, when she landed there was a greeting ceremony and an 8year old girl read a poem for her. So that was a lie and it wouldn’t be good with a lying president right?

Donald Trump

Arguments for

In America there is a lot of drug dealing and border hopping so Donald Trump has decided to build a wall to Mexico which is crazy but could be good in some way. In addition Trump has said he has a plan to help the middle class, and not the super-rich when he becomes president.

Donald Trump knows a lot about economics so he can create a lot of new jobs for people. Trump also fights for what he wants like a pitbull, so when ISIS spreads or Putin puffs his chest Trump will be there to smack down these piddly powers before they rise.

Arguments against

Donald Trump wants to get rid of all the Mexicans because they’re “Rapists” which I think is very racist because Mexicans are like any other kind of people. In addition to that he is very offensive to women because one he himself said “Grab them by the Pu#sy” and he has judged a lot of women by their physical appearance.

Donald Trump has said a lot of lies so why should anyone vote for him? “It’s amazing how often I am right?” “I alone can fix this.” “I have a big brain.” Donald Trump has said all these things. His ego seems to have no boundaries which leads to he probably won’t be such a good president.

I still think Hillary should be president because she is not offensive to women or racist to Mexicans.


The Dream by Timothy

One's upon a time there was a boy who was called William.  He was one of the best students in the class. When the school ended he went home with some of his friends, they went home on a sleepover. When they  were watching TV, William thought maybe he should tell his friends some scary stories and said "Guys do you wanna hear some scary stories?" Daniel And Thomas Answered "Sure! Lets start with a werewolf story."

One's upon a time there was a ware..." They heard a sound on the other side of the room. They opened the door to his mom’s room and saw someone with red eyes and a lot of hair. William got scared and started screaming "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" They went outside of the house and saw all the people in that city hanging on crocks, someone was standing there with a knife and they started running. They saw a place where they could hide and William said "Cant we just get like a laser gun or something?" In a matter of 0.32 seconds they saw 2 laser guns in front of their faces. "WOW!" said Thomas and William. "I want some armor." It appeared again, they saw the werewolf with the knife in his hand. When they came closer to attack and then the werewolf started growing and stopped growing when he was the size of the building. The werewolf dropped his knife and hit William but he missed. William decided to climb up on his hand and then shot him in his heart. The werewolf fell and William started to hear a voice. Suddenly he woke up and heard his mom said "Wake up, its time to go to school, you will be late". "Ok" said William



The Basement
Felix Weller-Taws
“Hi, my name is Ash!” That’s what I said to the new boy in the neighbourhood. By the way, the new boy’s name is Jack. We’ve been friends for about three years now. I live in a pretty modern house but Jack lives in one of those old creepy houses from, like, the 18 hundreds you see in scary movies. We live a little outside California, U.S.A.
I remember the first time I went to Jack’s house. Already then I could feel the evil lurking in the shadows! Today we decided to go down into his basement. So after school we went to his house. Nobody was at home except us, of course. Before we went down in to his basement he asked “Should we eat something?” I answered yes. So we ate toast with Nutella on it. We put our plates in the sink and then Jack got the key to the basement. We went down into the basement. The first thing I saw was that the basement was huge. I said “Let’s check this basement out!” So we started to walk around. “Hey check this out” said Jack. He was holding a Halloween mask in his hand. Then I said “Put it on then!” Jack put it on and said “Boo”, then he took it off and put it back. We kept on walking around. This time I said “check this out” and took out a statue made of human like materials. Jack looked at it and said he’s never seen it before. Then all of a sudden the lights turned off! I froze…All I could hear was footsteps. Then the lights turned back on again, “Thank god” I said. Jack was beside me but he hadn’t moved. I felt like there was something missing.
Then it hit me, the statue was missing, but there was also blood on the wall and it said “I SEE U!!!” Jack and I both bolted for the door but it closed as soon as we went close to it! “Um, he-hello” said Jack. No answer. Then the lights turned off again… about 5 seconds later the lights turned on again and the statue was in the middle of the room! It was all bloody and had a messed up face. Then it started levitating above the ground and started coming towards us very fast!!! Jack and I started screaming as loud as we could. Right before it hit us it disappeared into thin air. The door opened, so we both ran upstairs and then we watched a movie.
That year we never went down into the basement again. We still don’t know if the statue disappeared or not!!!                          


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Sarah. In her family there was her parents and five elder sisters. All they owned was a dress for each daughter that was ripped and dirty.

One day when Sarah was out walking she found a flier. She took it home and read it to the whole family. It said " If you  want to marry the prince go to the castle on the 4th of July!" Everybody was excited. All sisters were planning to participate in the interviews, they wondered what they would wear? The whole family went to town to buy a dress and shoes. The father had come up with a brilliant idea. They could all share a dress! They were to take turns to wear the same dress.

On the day of the interview they had become proper ladies. The whole family walked towards the castle. When they arrived. A guard opened the doors and the family walked in. They were speechless. There were massive, beautiful chandeliers and big paintings of the rich and royal. Another guard directed them to the throne room where the interviews would be held.

The eldest daughter walked into the throne room, while the rest of the family sat on a white leather sofa. Sarah was nervous yet also quite enchanted. She couldn't sit still. The eldest daughter came out with no luck. Sarah became more and more nervous after each sister coming out crying. Now only Sarah was left. She walked in through the doors with the beautiful dress and marvellous shoes. She looked around, it was a long hall with portraits of all the kings and queens, on the left side were the queens and the right was the kings. In the middle of the hall, there was a red carpet which led all the way to the throne.

 As she got closer she noticed the prince reclining on his throne. As she drew closer about one meter away from the prince, she was captivated by his blue dreamy eyes. She bowed. It was love at first sight. They had lost track of time. After one hour Sarah's parents started to get worried. The guards opened the doors. The prince and Sarah holding hands strode out. They got married, and bought a house for each sister and one new house for their parents. Everybody lived happily ever after.

By Elise Jansson 6B

One Of A 100 Stories By Maya Vienna 6b
The room was dark but thank heaven there was a light, which by the way barely made it light enough for me to see my worn out bare feet...                                                                                          But it was better than nothing. They were worn out from the long walk here...It didn't feel like I had made any progress on my duty...The Dark Lord was getting away, and I was stuck, helplessly here in a dark celler without any hope...
Well while I`m here I guess I can tell you what has happened... I was in my mom`s and dad`s castle, visiting, when all of a sudden the Dark Lord appeared out of a black smoke with his horses as an army...
The knights tried everything to try to keep him away, out of the castle, but the army was too strong...
Every guard, every servant , knight, or anybody who worked there were obscured by the smoke... The horses in our stalls were terrified and ran away. Sometimes people would find our horses in the forest next to castle.
This cloud took my sister that time... She was only going to turn 16 years old...      I searched everywhere for her, I even searched in the abandoned palace... but she was nowhere to be seen...
Later I found out that she had died of sadness for loss of her family...
That is why I`m here...In this room out of hard rock...
What happened was...I wanted revenge, I wanted it urgently!I travelled through the Dead Forest tords the Dark Lords castle to scare him away from our country. I Simply said I never wanted to see his face ever again! But as you probably already have understood I failed with my mission so that is why I`m here...    Locked up in this prison that does not do me any good.
Some people say I`m still locked up here and that you can hear me scream for help in this celler...   There are tons of stories about me, and how I ended up here ...
Some even say I never even made it here, and that a pack of wolves took me...There are over a 100  different stories but now you "we only" have 99 left!

End of 2015-2016

 My trip
Lately I have been to Paris and it has been really exciting, therefore I decided to write this essay about my recent trip to Paris. I had been to Paris before (when I was 5 years old). That time we went to Disney Land but I do not remember anything but that happened on that trip so I´ll write about this year. On the sport holiday my family and I went to Paris. We flew for 2 hours and then we took a bus for 1,5 hours. After that we took the subway for only 10 minutes, we walked about 300 meters to our hotel and after that we could finally relax. But the next day we were back on our feet. We went to lots of exiting places but here are a few that I liked the most.
The Eiffel Tower
We went to the Eiffel Tower on the first day. First we ate some french pastry and relaxed on a bench. Then we bought tickets for climbing the stairs to the next highest point of the Eiffel Tower. On the first floor, we saw a iceskating rink and decided to go for a little ice skating. It was fun to ice skate and I think that it was so because we were on the Eiffel tower WHILE ice skating. We went to the next floor and we saw there was a restaurant there, nothing special really. To come up to the highest point of the Eiffel Tower we needed to buy separate tickets but we did and it was really fun. After that we went down to the first floor again. There, we ate some muffins and went back to the hotel.
All the museums
On all the days (even the first one before the Eiffel tower) we went to museums. We went to lots of museums (keeping in mind that we were there three days): Monet Museum, Louvre, Rodin museum and Picasso Museum. The Monet museum was kind of boring but I liked the flowers that he drew. The Picasso Museum was unfortunate because most of the exhibitions were closed but it was for free so I guess it was kind of OK even though I enjoyed reading a book while my parents admired the art. The same thing happened in the Rodin museum. Nothing was closed but for me it was kind of boring looking at sculptures all the time. The Louvre was very big and exciting. I got a Nintendo 3DS as a map. I also got to see Mona-Lisa. I think that was one of the most exciting things there.
The aquarium and shopping
So we went to the aquarium and I really liked it. There were sharks and you could even sit in a tunnel eating food while the sharks were swimming around you. What was also cool was that they had jellyfish swimming around and in the same pools with the sharks there were other tropical fish. The aquarium had two maskots that were really funny. It was a jellyfish and a shark. Besides that there were some really cool snakes that lived in the ocean. I was scared only looking at them. In paris we bought lots of stuff (for example, a pair of jeans, a jacket and a scarf for me). I liked the shopping center there, it was really bright.
I think it was really fun being in Paris. We were only there for three days but we took out as much as we could from them and in the end I have seen art, visited the Eiffel tower and visited the aquarium. I liked the hotel very much, even though we did not spend so much time there. I think that was all but in the end I want to say how much I liked French sweets they were delicious!

Thank you for reading


5B beskriver tillsammans upplevelsen i Globen:

Globen är stor och den ser lite ut som en vit fotboll. Det var väldigt mörkt och lite kallt i Globen den här dagen. Det luktade smörgås och risifrutti. Jag fick en känsla av att jag skulle ramla, jag kände mig liten. Jag såg inte så mycket. Det blev ljust och vackert av allas mobiler. Det lät högt när alla applåderade.

Hälsningar från,

Agnes Halmin
Lärare år 5
Johannes skola

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 My favourite character in the books is Severus Snape from the series of Harry Potter books and films.

This character is made by J.K Rowling and he is both with in all the books but also all the films.

Severus Snape is a very emotionless person. He can’t seem to show any emotion at any times except for when you look back in time and in the end of  the Harry Potter books/films.The negative character traits about Severus Snape is that at times he can be very rude  to both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley but also to Draco Malfoy.Sevurus Snape can also b extremely cruel . For example it seems like he’s with the dark lord (Voldemort/Tom Riddle) but then he is with in the Order of The Phoenix which in this scence is the good side. But he is also very cold  and once he gets to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry he is heartless  (once he starts working there). He is heartless to his students but also to the other teachers that work there. Snape is also head of the Slyherin House. Snape is also a very nosy person. He ends up at the complete wrong place at the complete wrong time. These are the negative character traits about Severus Snape.

But Severus Snap is also a very  loveable person and he is also very changeable person (if  you decide too look at the good side of him). Severus Snape usually means good even though it doesn’t always look like that at all. He had it very hard as a student at Hogwarts school. Harry Potter’s father James Potter bullied him and that is probably why he is this person. Severus Snape is also a very tolerant person and shows respect to both Lord Voldemort and Proffesor Dumbeldore. As I said Snape is a very changeable person because in the end of everything he ends up dying for love and his popular quote is “Always”. As you see Severus Snape is a very lovely person!

Every person has both a bad side and Severus Snape prefers to show his bad side.  He is my favourite character because he is a bit of  a meany but also a lovely person.
 These are the following negative character traits that I have used:
 Emotionless,cold,cruel,heartless and nosy

These are the following positive character traits that I have used:
Loveable , changeable , tolerant and also very lovely.

This following text is written by: Anna-Brita Hunter Nilsson

My favorite character is Donald Duck in the comic books!😍
He is one of the main characters in the story. He has three duck children that he rewards when they have fixed something that they have done wrong (something naughty...)
I like him because he has two sides which he shows equally much!👍                                                           Here are the two different sides that he shows at different times:
                           GOOD  SIDE                                                                              The times that he shows his good side are for example: when he is rewarding his kids when they have helped him, when he has fixed something and he gets proud of it, helped somebody and feels good about himself, (That is not the only things of course...)
But everyone has a bad side, which Donald Duck exaggerates whenever he gets angry...
                        BAD SIDE
His bad side gets shown when he is for example stressed when he needs to get to work or disappointed in his friends, angry at the mail man that came late, sad that he broke a vase and gets angry and frustrated        (and more) these things happens to everyone but it is one of the things I don´t like about him since he is more cruel when it comes to his bad side...

Even though he is a little mean I still like him since he his amazing, bright and fun side ( "His good side" )But the biggest reason I like him is because he is so funny!!😜

Katniss Everdeen by Ayla Leval.

The character I chose to write about is one of my favorite fictional characters. Her name is Katniss Everdeen, and she is the main character in the book The Hunger Games. Katniss is a strong, independent woman, who is loyal to her friends and family.
She has participated in and won The Hunger Games, a live TV show were you either kill, or get killed. Aside from that, she has been the symbol for a rebellion against the Capitols tyrannical dictatorship.
Katniss (or the girl on fire, as she sometimes is called) has long, dark hair, that she wears in her signature braid, and a scowl that she often wears on her face. A pair of hunting boots are almost always on her feet, as she frequently goes hunting in the woods, (this is illegal in district 12, where she lives) with her friend Gale. The woods make Katniss feel calm, which may be why her favorite color is green.

Since she was 12 years old, Katniss has taken care of her mother and younger sister after her father died in a mining accident. She is very determined, which has helped her keep food on the table for 4 years (in the book she is 16 years old). Her family always comes first for her, and she loves her younger sister Primrose Everdeen more than anything in the world.
She volunteered to take Primrose’s place in The Hunger Games when her younger sister got picked to partake in the event. Towards her family, Katniss is caring, helpful and loving.

During the rebellion, Katniss has made many allies and even a few true friends. She also has many supporters and followers that see her as the “Mockingjay”, or the leader of a rebellion. These followers and supporters look up to her since she is brave, firm, strong and not scared of doing what’s right. They also see her as a good and powerful (in a non-tyrannical way) leader.
Because she is dependable and loyal, she has earned her friends trust and reliance.

Katniss, as everyone, also has bad sides. Although she is strong and dependable, she can also be hostile and destructive, when it comes to relationships, or simply in general.
She is also impulsive; this means that she does things without forethought, which has lead to many problems, but also helped her in a few situations where she has to think fast, and not dwell on her decision.
Katniss sometimes uses aggression when she’s angry at someone or if she wants to get her will through. She is very stubborn though, so I doubt that she would need aggression to get her way.
She is very temperamental, and her temper or annoyance can sometimes be expressed as rudeness, insults or boorishness. Haymitch, Katniss’ mentor, once accused Katniss of being charmless, and “having as much charm as a dead slug”.

Over all, Katniss is clever, independent and strong. She does what’s right, although it may not be to the liking of other people. Her family always comes first for her. She would do anything to protect her sister and mother.
Katniss is the face of a rebellion, and has many followers who look up to her, and see her as a good leader. She is loyal and dependable towards her friends and allies.
Katniss can be destructive and hostile, and behave harshly towards other people. Sometimes she reacts impulsively, which can get her into trouble.
Katniss will always persevere, no matter how difficult the situation is.   

                      My Friend
I think that a friend should be a loyal and friendly person. The friend should stand up for you in a situation you have trouble handling. A friend should be a shoulder to cry on.
I think that it is good when a friend plays with other people too, because if you just play with the same person all the time you can get tired of the person and get annoyed easily.
When friends disagree I think that is actually not a bad thing because it is a good to disagree. When you disagree you discuss about how you think and what your opinion is and how the others opinion is. But it can also be a bad thing because disagreeing can lead to fighting and you might say bad things to each other that might hurt the other person´s feelings badly when you don’t mean what you said, that can happen when you are angry or frustrated. This can lead to an end of a friendship but mostly you just talk things over and say sorry and that you didn’t mean what you said and forgive each other.

By Elise  

My Dream
I have a dream that one day everyone will be treated the same way, whether skin colour or religion. That the world will be in a democracy and everyone will have their say and say what they want in a peaceful way without getting hurt or punished. I have a dream that there would be world peace and I don’t mean that you´re not allowed to argue but there won´t be any war. Starvation should also not exist, everyone gets enough food instead of someone being so full and throwing away food when others are dying from starvation. A meatless food should be invented that gives the same amount of nutrients that meat gives but also have the same taste, and when there are too many animals then we kill some and eat. I also wish that we could have everything that we have now but have an environmentally friendly way of making everything. Also to stop cutting down trees and invent something that is like paper but environmentally friendly and if that is not fond than we will have to recycle all kinds of things more. The endangered animals should stop being killed and the animal hunters would stop hunting at the no hunting places.  

Effect 1
If my dream comes true everybody will live happily without fear.

Effect 2
The world will be fairer towards everybody.

Effect 3
The world would be a peaceful place.

Effect 4
Animals would stop being extinct.

Effect 5
Global warming would stop.
By Elise                         

            MY DREAM

                                             By:Yessenia Hoch
My dream is a better environment. A place that people care and think about. A place that you don't just throw stuff out in. A place where people don't cut down so many trees and burn down so many forests. A place where there aren't so many industries that put poisonous chemicals in the air. 

The effect that this would play on the world is that it would be nicer to be out in the environment. 
It would be much better for animals who's homes have been destroyed. It makes sense because animals are part of the ecosystems just as us (humans). It would also be better for our health because for example we would not need to breathe in poisonous gases.

My dream is that there would be peace in the world that there would be no war. 
I wish earth would be a place were people would be kind to each other. A world were people were not judging each other by how they look but by their personality.

The effects that this would play on the world is that people would be happier and not need to live their lives in danger.


Well most people would think that I would say “Unicorns will save the world” but this essay I want to take really serious.

My dream globally is:
1 That people start thinking about the environment more and not just thinking about money all the time. A very common example is: OIL!!! People can go into the most beautiful oceans and dig and dig until they find their oil. People can also build factories on beautiful ground were there used to be beautiful trees and maybe flowers. Some humans can throw plastic in the sea/ocean (maybe on a ship).  So a person throws plastic in the sea  and maybe a tortoise thinks it’s a fish so the tortoise eats the plastic or maybe gets stuck in the plastic and the same thing happenes when we throw chewing gum outside and a little bird maybe thinks it is a worm so it eats it and the beak gets stuck and the bird eventually dies. But most of all for the environment I  want hunting of extinct animals to stop.
Hunting of extinct animals is one of the worst things on this Earth. It is not fair that the elephant in south Africa has to die because a person wants its tusks or somebody wants the rhinos beautiful horn. The same thing also happens with sharks hen cuts the sharks fin of and just leaves the shark at the bottom of the ocean to rot.
Problem nr 2 that should stop is:
I want to stop that women still get less paid than men but we work the same amount of hours  as men do and also that in some counties women aren’t allowed ro vote and that isn’t fair at all. In some other countries girls aren’t allowed to go to school!! We should all remember that women are the same amount worthy as men are.
Here are the problems that should be solved in the world:
1)                 Enviromental problems and Hunting of extinct animals
2)               Womens rights

Thank you for  taking your time for reading this essay and maybe you can think of how  u can contribute to these problems so that these problems will no longer exist.

Written by Anna-B.

                                        My Superpower

                 A superpower is something only you can do, but no one else can.It is pictured in many films like: Star Wars, Supermanand Captain America.The examples of superpowers are flying, traveling in time, teleportation, mind reading or even changing shape like Jake, the dog from Adventure Time. However, no superpower has been proven by science.
    If I had a superpower it would be teleportation. It is a superpower that allows you to travel between two places.You can, for example, travel from New York to Stockholm immediately.You just disappear from a place and appear in another place. I dont want it to work at a snap of a finger because I cant snap fingers.Instead, I would like to say a difficult word and then the name of the place I want to get. It would be much easier for me this way.
    I would like to have teleportation ability because then I dont have to take a bus, an airplane, a train, a car and I dont have to walk. Besides I dont have to wait in line for security, passport controls or boarding into the airplane (I hate it). Moreover,I could travel to see my two cousins in Ukraine whenever I miss them or when I want to see my grandparents without waiting for summer or Christmas holidays. I could also teleport to Rhodes whenever I want to take a swim.
    Instead of going to school by bus and subway I could just teleport there and this way I could sleep longer in the morning.This way my mum wouldnt worry about me crossing the road and things like that. Last but not least, I could be the the person with a superpower and, of course, of interest to modern science. And finally, I could show my superpower to my friends and they are going to be impressed.

       By  Anna 5b 21-01-2016

         My Super Power!!!!!

If I would have a super power it would probably be to be able to shape shift so my super power would be

Why I would have this super power is because when I would feel like I could be a wild unicorn!(Unicorns exist in my world) or a table. I would be able to help people in need. For example if there is an old man on the bus(about maybe 65 years old) and he has no were to sit because some people/a person has taken the “pensioner seats” on the bus. So then because I am a shape-shifter I would be  able to turn into a nice and comfy chair for the old man to sit so that he can rest his back. I would also be able to mess around with people I would for example shape shift into Ariana Grande and pretend I am her and almost ruin  everything  by singing really badly when she sings really  good. But most of all I would want to turn into these three different things;

  1. I would want to turn into a unicorn and run like the wind and be able to fly with my gigantic wings and with my horn make peace in the world with only one sparkle of my glittery horn.
  2. Become a dolphin so that I can swim in thee see through waters and jump up and always be happy.
  3. To be a lion so when I feel misunderstood or when I am right and the other person is wrong but the other person maybe keeps on nagging me and being wrong with the question I would turn into a big and might lion and show everyone who really is the leader and roar super loudly so that the person understands that I am right and their wrong!
In the last pharagraph(s) I explained how I would use my super power.

Now I will write about what my super power is. I will explain more detailed!

Well as you know my super power is shape-shifting and that means that I can shape shift into anything whenever I want to but my shape-shifting power has to be top secret.

! There is nothing more to say about my shape-shifting power than that I shape -shift into anything that I want to.

How the superpower could change my life?!

The super power could change my life by knowing that I can change int6o anything that I would want to. I would be much more helpful I think. I could also know how the person that I see gets bullied feels about and I can try to stand up against the bullies for that person and I am in their body. Or how it feels like to be small like an ant or massive like an elephant and those thing can be life changing!

Thank you for reading “My Super Power”.

By A.B

My Superpower

If I could choose any superpower, I would choose Emotion control.  The user of Emotion control can sense and manipulate emotions, including feelings and moods of themselves, people and animals.
The user can’t control a person physically, only mentally, and can only control a certain number of people at the time.

I would like to have this superpower because it gives me the opportunity to help people, by calming them down or making them happy. I could also sense how they’re feeling.
Emotion control, unlike other superpowers, allows me to control people furtively, without anyone noticing my super power.

With this superpower, I would often be around people, sensing and controlling their emotions. If someone were fighting, I would break it up. If someone were depressed, I would make him or her see things in a positive way, and if some one needed to believe in them selves and be brave, then I would help them.
I would also calm myself down if needed to, make me less stressed.

I think this superpower would affect my life in a positive way, meaning that, I would almost always be in a calm environment. Environments were people thought of things in a positive way and didn’t fuss about everything.  I myself would be less stressed and negative about fewer things. It would make me calmer to be in a happy group of people.

By Ayla Leval

My Dream
My dream is that we people will stop producing CO2.
The problem is that global warming is happening. Global warming is happening because there is too much CO2 in the air!
The CO2 is produced by burning coal, petrol, oil and other fossil fuels! is a list of the bad effects.

Melts Ice
Takes away animals homes
More rain
Floods causing destruction
Bigger and stronger storms
Can wipe out a whole city
Oceans get warmer
Fish and coral reefs die
The solution is that we stop using coal for electricity and instead of coal we can use more water, solar power and thorium reactors which are much safer than uranium reactors. We can also put CO2 meters in cars and factories so we actually can see how much CO2 we’ve let out.   
I think we can force factories/people to use green power by telling the government to put a tax on the people who use coal/petrol.
Here is a list of the good effects.
Effect 1
Effect 2
Effect 3
The oceans go back to normal temperature.
It rains normally and there will be less floods
The ice grows back and the animals’ homes come back

By Felix

                            Batu Cave
The Batu cave in Malaysia is a huge cave with a very large flight of stairs leading up to it. It is a place where tourists and locals come to pray to the Hindu gods.

A ten-minute walk away from the cave there is a Metro. It takes one to and from the capital Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, lots of restaurants are located in the area. When you walk to and from the cave you pass small stalls and shops. As time goes by, you see people with carts and trolleys trying to sell stuff.

Early in the morning until late at night the place is crowded with tourists and locals walking up the stairs, and into the cave. Some of the people have special yellow outfits on for prayer. Moreover, there are small monkeys with brown fur running around in the sea of people, trying to take bags and other belongings. Inside the big opening of the Batu cave, there are different statues that represent the Hindu gods. If you mount another smaller flight of stairs, you will look up and realize that the roof of the cave is not there any more. In other words, you can see the sky and the birds.
There is a small temple with a long line of people outside it. This is where one prays.
As time goes by, you will start getting hungry. Fortunately, down the long flight of stairs are many different restaurants. There is a souvenir shop nearby that sells everything from bags to handicrafts.

 The cave has a strong but pleasant scent of sacred smoke, usually used for worship. As you keep on descending down the stairs many different restaurants face you while a strong aroma of coconut and Roti Chanai, a Malaysian dish wafts up your nose. Consequently, because so many people walk up and down the stairs, there’s a foul smell of sweat. In addition, you hear panting.

To sum up, a day at the Batu cave is very unique and special. One learns interesting things about the Malaysian culture. Although it is steaming hot outside, the atmosphere is cozy and calm.

Written by Ayla               

    The Trip to Sydney
Hi, my name is Lulu. I live in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. I am an only child with my parents and my dog Buddy. We flew to Sydney last Christmas, so we had to ask my friend to take care of Buddy.
Sydney had a cosy atmosphere, a real magnificent city. It was really warm so we went to the beach a lot.
One day we did not go to the beach, we took the bus, sky train and the subway into the city centre.
When we got further into the city we started smelling aromas of stir-fried cooking dishes. We got hungry so we stopped by a small blue restaurant. After lunch we took a taxi to another part of Sydney. The fumes of the petrol from the rusty car choked me. We passed many cars and motorcycles.
When we got out of the old taxi we could see the famous Opera house. We stopped for a drink and a cookie there. It was so yummy! The chocolate melted deliciously in my mouth.
When our trip was over we fly back to cold Stockholm. It was an experience with many sensations.

Written by Elise 

Book Summary`

By A;B.N.H

My favourite book-Summer
Demon Dentist written by David Walliams
The book is about a boy Alfie and a dentist, Miss.Root. There comes a new dentist in to town and strange things happen in the dead of night. You would put a tooth under your pillow and find a pigs tail, a live spider or an eyeball instead of getting a coin. Who was doing this? The dentist wasn’t any normal dentist…She was a WITCH. She lived in the old mine by the city and wanted all the children’s teeth. Alfie and his friend Gabz try to stop the witch but when they try to stop the witch someone risks themselves.
I like the book because it is funny and exciting. It is funny because so many people are clumsy and that makes it humorous. The book is exciting because the writer uses suspense!!!
I would recommend the book to someone who loves a to have a great laugh and a person that loves excitement . It is suitable for almost all ages.

I rate it with 9/10 because I think that some more action can happen but otherwise I love the book!!!

                             My summer book summary
      By Elise Jansson
The book is written by Veronica Roth. The book is about two people, Beatrice Prior (Tris) and Tobias Eaton (Four) who live in a society divided into factions, all are forced to choose where they belong, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite and Dauntless. They find out that Dauntless the faction Tris and Four chose have a plan with Erudite leader Jeanine Mathews to attack Abnegation. Tris and Four try to save their old faction members.
I like the book because it is a great and exciting book, what makes it a great and exiting book is that the writer uses suspense. I also like the way they risk their lives fighting for what is right and for whom they love.
I would recommend the book to people who like action and excitement. The book is thrilling, exciting and full of activity.  

                   Book Summary
                          By A. L
Paper towns is a book written by the author John Green.
The main character in the book is Q (Quentin). He lives next door to Margo, who loves adventures and mysteries.
One night, she climbs though his window and says that she has 11 things to do that night and she needs Q´s help.
Q says yes. Soon they’re at the store buying, 3 catfish, vaseline, mountain dew, tulips, tissues and one can of blue spray paint. Thereafter they are ready to start their crazy adventure.

The day after, Margo is gone. But she has leaves a note inside her door, with an address on it.
When Q and his friends go to the address, they find an abandoned tourist shop. Inside the shop they find more clues about Margo´s disappearance.

I would recommend Paper Towns because it´s full of suspense, it is funny and interesting.