söndag 25 januari 2015

Important Dates

Appraisal Talks (Utvecklingssamtal)

29th and 30th January

Newsletter Week 5

Dear Parents
This has been a week of sickness. We are lucky that not so many children fell sick. We hope that they keep on staying healthy.
Appraisal Talk (Utvecklingssamtal)
Thanks to all the parents who have responded promptly to the proposed date of Utv. samtal.  I am crossing my fingers that many parents get the chance to take that time allocated   as we teachers of grade four only have a perfect possibility to have utvecklingssamtal those two days Thursday the 29th January, 2015 and Friday the 30th January. The school will arrange for substitutes for us for those two days to enable us to conduct this very important meeting for the children. The meeting will take place on Third Floor in the first room located on the same side as the School Library. It is the old Grade 4b class. I will put a label at the door.
We continue to work with time. The children are converting hours to weeks, months and years, seconds to minutes. They are learning different ways to write the date and how time is expressed in different clocks and watches. They are also engaged with multiplication and division. Since mathematics is in everything as some outstanding professors think, it is beneficial to integrate topics. I got great responses from their evaluations about mathematics and we will continue getting stimulated to it. They will have a test on Friday of week 6. The test will be on Multiplication and Division.
Matilda is still a centre of our work. This week we deviated  and did  Comprehension , Vocabulary and Grammar that was quite challenging .
We have watched a video from Sli.se introducing children to simple machines like lever (hävstången), inclined plane ( lutande planet) ,screw( skruven), wedge (kilen) , wheel (hjulet) ,axle ( axeln),pulley  (blocket). The children had a chance to visualize these different simple machines  in use. They learnt terminologies like enkel maskin, sammansatt maskin and kraftförstarkning. There is a link about simple machines on the blog. Click on “Simple Machines”
Completion of of Matilda. Doing the final writing of the work and pasting the group work to a complete  the project work.
Mathematics matte Borgen 4a pg.128-133

 More information in the next Newsletter.

Kindest Regards

 Jacqueline Zettergren

söndag 18 januari 2015

Newsletter Week 4

Newsletter Week 4

 Dear Parents,

The term has started with lots of enthusiasm. The winter is getting more intense. One disadvantage is that the playground especially the football ground is so slippery. The most slippery areas have been marked so children cannot play there. It is easy to slip and fall even with right shoes. The good news is that we will soon have a new school nurse.
Appraisal Talks Utvecklingssamtal
On the 29th and 30th of January all the grade fours will have Appraisal talks. The school has allocated those two days for our classes. I will enclose proposed times for all parents. I hope you will manage to swop times with one another if the proposed time does not suit you. Your response last term was the best ever.
The grade four teachers have decided to work with the topic Time (tid) for mathematics. The topic is on the Matheborgen 4b books. We have started working on the topic at school. I wrote that there would be a test on Friday of week 5. That will not be possible due to “Utvecklingssamtal”. The quiz on Multiplication and Division will be on Friday week 6.
We will continue to work with Technology. That will involve learning about tools. We have already had an introduction to the subject.
We are working on Matilda as a book of literature. We have listed the main and minor characters and looked closely at some characters traits. Many children have completed reading Matilda. We will continue work with the project work. We have next week to get it to a completion.
Matheborgen page 126-128. Project Matilda.

 Have a great week.

 Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren

söndag 11 januari 2015

Fun moments




Reminder of last Years Project: Trees.

Newsletter Week 3

Newsletter Week 3 2015

Dear parents,

Happy New Year to all parents. Thanks very much for the great and thoughtful presents that I received from all of you. I hope we can continue to cooperate as we did last term for the betterment of the childrens` academic work.

English:The children will have group tasks for Matilda of Roahl Dahl. 3 weeks will be allocated for the tasks that they will do. Some children have already finished reading Matilda. A group will work as Fortune Tellers. They will predict what the book would have been and predict a continuation of the book. Detectives would search for all the difficult words, list them and infer their meanings in dictionaries. Reporters will write questions that students can get direct answers from from the book and write questions that require reading between the lines. A final group the Cow Boys will summarize the book. When the project is over we will display the work in the classroom as a poster. Some words will be part of a vocabulary bank we will have in the classroom and some of it will be used for spelling tests.

Mathematics:For mathematics the children are practising how to Multiply by talsoter ( Number Sense) and uppställning. They are to continue with short division. There will be a quiz on Friday week 5.

Homework:Mathematics: Matheborgen page 120-125 due on Friday week 3. Project work from the book Matilda.

Natural Sciences:The children will start will continue to work with properties of matter. There after there will be an Introduction to Technology. We will start defining Technology and tools which are used for Technology.

We will then explore the kind of technology that was used in the past in Sweden.

Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren