lördag 21 februari 2015

Newsletter Week 10
The long awaited Winter Sports holiday is here. This will be an opportunity for children to enjoy all pleasures that winter can offer before the spring comes.
I wish all families a splendid and eventful Winter Sports holiday with your children until the children resume back to school on week 10.
Class 4a and b will have an opportunity to go and watch a movie on Friday week 10. The children are already aware of this information. I will give you more details about it on week 10 or update the information on the school blog.
I have issued homework on request from parents who follow the progress of their children closely. I have prepared for the children worksheets so that they can avoid carrying books. The best days  for children to hand in their homework is on Mondays and Tuesdays since I usually have plenty of time to correct the books on those two days.
The Mathematics test results were outstandingly good for most children. A few children still need to polish up their mathematical tables and revise them more I will identify strategies of making learning the mathematical tables easier until children can identify certain patterns and sequences. The children will have a quiz on the current topic on Friday week 11. For children who are musical, I had put a link of Mathematical tables’ songs on the blog. The school has been generous enough to purchase new mathematical books adequate for the children including for homework.
Natural Sciences
When the children come back they will have an opportunity to work in pairs to assemble different vehicles. The details of the work they will do for the theme  Construction and Movement( rörelse och konstruktion) has been attached to you in the previous Newsletter.
Circulation Library
It was deadline for us to return Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the 20th Feb 2015,. Unfortunately 3 books of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are missing. Please check if some children forgot to hand in their books. If we have 3 books missing we will not be allowed to borrow more books until we find those 3 books. Please check if some children left the books at home.
Class Situation.
The children have some issues with one another. However despite all turbulence, tranquillity settles very quickly for children. I am so passionate about teaching because the children inspire me. They settle their differences so quickly and get to appreciate that “the lotus flower only grows in the mud”.

Once more a great holiday with your children. I look forward to meeting them again. We continue to focus on issues that matter most; how to prepare children to not only acquire academic knowledge, but also to be responsible individuals in the society as is required by educational goals in Sweden.
Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren