lördag 14 februari 2015

Newsletter Week 8

Dear Parents

 The Utvecklingssamtal sessions are about to come to an end. It has been a great moment for nearly all the children. We have identified areas that children are to work towards to make them even more competent in their educational developments.
Skating at Östermalm IP
Skating was pure pleasure to the children. Our Gymn teacher challenged the children to skate 12 rounds to achieve a classic. Many children achieved that easily. He made demonstrations of different manoeuvres which some children tried out. Mostly it was a pleasurable moment for the children to play together; a show of great companionship between the boys and the girls.
I have scanned through all the children`s Mathematics test results and as I expected it has be great results for the children. While we had collegial assessment of the test with my colleague in the other grade four classes was impressed by the way the student’s structure and present their work. This way of structuring their work is a habit that nearly all the children have embraced in the class. The children are enjoying the topic to do with time. Many children appreciate being engaged in doing homework and request for tasks to do at home. The school will boost the class with more material in Mathematics.
Natural Sciences
The children continue to be in their creative moment of constructing simple machines. They are videotaping the process of the work they are doing. The children will produce a manuscript to explain the process of their creativity. These moments are usually the most pleasurable moments for the students. Ulla( grade 4a and c Maths and Natural Sciences teacher) and I have also sorted out the NTA låda for “rörelse and konstruktion”. The children will construct a basic vehicle that will be able to move using weights and  elasticity in the process they will illustrate how work is force exerted per unit area. They will measure the amount of movement that they could manage to make with exerting weights or by intensifying elasticity and if we succeed we will combine elasticity to a propeller to monitor how much we will be able to increase acceleration. We will film and take pictures of the entire process. If I find the material from the NTA låda, I will buy the material for my sons so that we can continue to use them in future to test out the practical aspects of physics like Work, Weight, Speed, Acceleration, Elasticity and Friction. The constructions will be a series of 8-10 lessons. If need be additional time may be required. I will enclose details of information from NTA providers of facilities.
I will collect the books Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the 19th February. I request all parents to see to it that we return all the books so that we can have an opportunity to borrow two more sets of books. The children still have a worksheet of English which is incomplete. It could be ground for homework next week. Since the children love drama, I wish for them to act out a prescribed text of a simplified version of Romeo and Juliet. I just hope that I will get hold of the manuscript. If the circulation library has it will even be better.
Four pages of a Mathematics worksheet. Four pages of English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension.
More information will be in the next Newsletter.

Kindest Regards

 Jacqueline Zettergren