tisdag 7 april 2015

Newsletter Week 16

Dear Parents

I wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope the children can have a homework free Easter holiday and relax with parents.
Shack 4
The children performed well in the chess competition. If they were ranked according to percentage and not number of players entered then they had a chance to get a good  rank. I am proud of my class for their achievement. Even the new students in the class performed very well. Many children had 3 wins of the four games. Knut won all games and will continue to participate in the tournament.

 Romeo and Juliet
I have issued a script of Romeo and Juliet which the children can start acquainting themselves with. Some children wish to have the play acted.  We will go through the script so that we can get the right roles for the cast. The children will have an opportunity to reflect over what can bridge a gap between families that hate one another so terribly. They have tried out the script already and they are enthusiastic about acting it.

 Formative Assessment  (IUP)
I have not yet put in any IUPs on the school web page yet. I have the IUPs written anyway for the Spring Term and Autumn Term. I will simply need to transfer the information and I promise to be prompt with it.

Normal school resumes as usual on the 13th of April.

I hope that some parents will volunteer to organise fun activities for the children during the spring.

Once more Happy Easter.

 Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren