söndag 26 april 2015

Newsletter Week 18

Newsletter Week 18
Dear parents,
This week has been great too. We have refrained from more project work to compensate for time lost during the Stockholm book project. The children now engage more time in doing Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Local Traffic
The children were given instructions about how to take precaution while travelling on the Stockholm`s local traffic and what to do when a crisis occurs. This information was very educative and beneficial even to adults who live in Stockholm. It was well appreciated by the children.
The children will continue to work with tables and diagrams. I have monitored the homework side by side with the school work just to make sure they are on the right track. In 3 weeks, I will test their ability to get facts from tables, to understand bar graphs, ability to tabulate information on bar graphs and formulate their own questions about graphs.  The children who will have completed the topic will try out a more challenging work. I am sure they will enjoy it.
Natural Sciences
Technology is still be integrated with physics. The children have continued with the theme Movement and Construction (rörelse och konstruktion). The children tested the effects of weight on movement and measured the distance incurred as weight was increased.  The exercise is to show concretely what force, weight, and acceleration are practically.
We are still enjoying reading Romeo and Juliet. The children have also done some comprehension work. They will get new spelling words for a test on Friday.
The children will train their parts on “ Romeo and Juliet”. For Mathematics they will do page (141-144) Mattebogren 4A.  Please remind the children to bring their mathematics textbooks to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday swhen they have Mathematics lessons.

More information will be in the next Newsletter.

 Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren