fredag 3 juni 2016

Week 22 and 23

 The week has been full of activity that has been mostly fun for the children. There was a great turn out for open classroom.
Tomtits was  great. It was frustrating that the fun activities had specific times which meant that they had to wait for a long time on the queue. Some children sacrificed to stay at school to help with organising the dinner for grade sixes. Special thanks to parents who let their children sacrifice their time and service.
The football competition between the teachers and grade sixes was fun.
The grade fives together got to read about 500 books in total. They did not meet their target however it was a remarkable effort. They got an ice cream treat for their great effort.
The children are free from school on Monday the 6th. On Tuesday the 7th, there will be a rounders  competition  between teachers and the grade sixes. Wednesday will be normal school day. Children can take home some of their belongings.

9th June will be the last day of school. We will gather in the classroom at 9:45 and walk together  to the  assembly at the school yard between 10:00-11:00. We will return to the classroom briefly to say farewell to one another and then depart for the summer holidays.

The parents who are taking care of the picnic are going make the children very happy.

Veckan som gått har vi avslutat en del pågående arbeten, vi har bland annat lyssnat på allas mycket intressanta medeltida podcasts.
Idag, fredag, har vi med glass firat att femmorna lyckats läsa 439 kapitelböcker tillsammans sedan jullovet, tyvärr inte alla 650 som var utmaningens mål, men trots det, fantastiskt!

Hälsningar från,

Agnes Halmin and Jacqueline Zettergren
Lärare år 5

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