måndag 17 november 2014

Newsletter Week 47

Newsletter Week 47

Dear Parents,
The week has consisted mainly of school work. The children and I are more acquainted with one another and are establishing more platforms in having influence over their homework, classroom environment and having a better relationship with one another. I also appreciate the influence of parents towards the childrens` academic work geared towards improving our learning environment and supporting children in their academic pursuits.

Purpose of Homework
The purpose for homework is to give children a chance to manage to accomplish the amount of work required of them within a period of time. The other purpose is to groom the children into the ability to plan, execute and develop good study habits that will lead them to be able to work independently. While the children do their homework parents have an opportunity to get know what the children are engaged in with in their learning process. With the follow up of homework, the result has been great after follow up of the children`s work.

 Homework week 47
Children are to prepare for Science (Plants)and Mathematics (Addition, subtraction and Problemsolving) tests.

The Geometry test results are out.  The children are quite mathematical. I will just give them a chance to patch up the gaps they may have missed so that the knowledge sits a little tighter. They have all redone the test.

Preparation for Science and Maths Test
The children will have a science test on Wednesday week 48. Mathematics test will be on addition, subtraction and problem-solving. It will be on Friday week 47. The children will start a new topic in Mathematics. I have given no homework as children need to prepare for the tests.

I have established that the children require knowledge in Multiplication and Division.

It is essential for the children to learn how:
  •        Addition and multiplication relate
  •         How to multiply guided by Number Sense
  •       tens and hundreds eg 5x60 or 5x 600
  •         Understand the relationship between multiplication and division.
  •         Be able to utilize short division to divide
  •      To choose the right strategy to solve problems with instructions from texts.
Natural Sciences
Chemistry has been introduced to the children. We have examined the analysis of matter in different states as solids, liquid and gases.  There has been a requirement of introducing the smallest particles of elements and compounds (atoms and molecules). We will work parallel with Swedish classes who have already explored magic in the periodic table. Our class will start with common gases like Oxygen, Carbon dioxide which we have mentioned in the process of photosynthesis. However an observation of the effect of Sodium Chloride (common salt) on frozen water will be observed. The children were quite enchanted by the introduction of chemistry.

Upcoming events
On week 48 on Monday the children will watch Opera and will be fully sponsored by the school. On Tuesday week 48 too the children will have yet another Chess meeting with Knutby skolan. More information about the upcoming activities will be on coming Newsletter.

 Kindest Regards

 Jacqueline Zettergren