söndag 30 november 2014

Newsletter Week 49

Newsletter Week 49

 Dear Parents,
This week has been fun week for the children. The trip to the opera was great. The visit to the Ungdomenshus in Rinkeby was fun too. It was quite crowded as it was a meeting between so many schools.

The quizzes have been administered. The biology results were quite good. I will give the children feedback for Mathematics as soon as I get it.

The children will start with multiplication. There is a link with a multiplication song on the school blog. For homework the children who have completed Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication can do page Matte Borgen pages (106-109).

Each child will borrow a book from the of their choice. Read the book and prepare to talk about it. Parents can steer what books they recommend for their children to read since the class sets we have at school may evoke reactions.
Natural Sciences .
 We continue to study Chemistry. If I find an interesting and valid link then I will put it on the blog for he children.

Extra Errands.
Extra errands outside our responsibilities may be difficult for teachers to run due to booked high priority lists of things to do.

Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren