söndag 8 mars 2015

Newsletter Week 11

Newsletter Week 11
 Dear Parents
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to communicate with you once more.
The children have been quite unable to focus and to stay on tasks. In the first two days it was almost as it was in the first weeks. I appeal to all the parents who have contributed to talking their children into focusing on their school to continue to do that. It is amazing that some boys who were never a problem in the class are becoming pretty rebellious and unruly. Let us kindly join hands towards creating a conducive learning environment for the children.
We have basically been polishing the Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension tasks. I concentrated on scaffolding the children to make their comprehension answers complete sentences. Some children are rushing over their work a little too much just to complete the homework this has resulted in the reducing the quality of the work and the presentation not neat as it was before. Let us help one another to monitor the quality of the work.
We watched a movie at Zita that evoked  strong feelings of pity. The movie was in the post apartheid era in South Africa. It related how a talented boy called Felix succeeded in becoming a great saxophone player in despite of the hardships he experienced as a child. Many children were inspired by the movie.
Natural Sciences
The children managed to construct vehicles out of their own fantasies and tested their ability to move. We will be going to a more serious phase of the construction where the children will incorporate practical effects of weight, force, friction, elasticity and work. This area of study is great fun to the children.
The Circulation Library
I am unable to borrow more class sets of books since 3 copies of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have not been handed in by the students. Please help to check at home in case a child forgot to hand in a copy. It will be a shame to kill the enthusiasm the children have for reading a class set of books just because of being unable to hand in all books.
The worksheets that the children have in English should be completed. I have issued worksheets for Mathematics and English for homework. A test will be issued centred on the topic: Time. A spelling test will also be done on Friday week 11.

Have a great week
Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren