söndag 15 mars 2015

Newsletter Week 12

Newsletter Week 12
Dear Parents,
Greetings to all parents once more.
Class Situation
There is still effort needed towards getting the children to settle down calmly and focus on their tasks. This has not succeeded in the Handicraft classes Carpentry and Tailoring.
We made a collective effort to talk to the children about the dangers of not obeying rules during the respective lessons.
Good News /Homework
There is great efficiency on the part of homework however for many children and this is simply impressive. I had a reflection with the children about the homework and some of them feel that they need more work. Many children feel that it is important for them to feel that they have accomplished some good work. Let us join hands and help the children with the management of the homework and above all seeing to it that the work is done and handed in. When the children will have attained a certain level of maturity, they will be able to organise and handle their homework on their own. Their ability to be independent is essential for achieving higher goals when they will be required to have grades.
An English Worksheet “Rocky and the Lioness” has been issued. Mathematics homework will be issued on Monday.
A test has been administered for mathematics. Most of the children finished the test in good time. One reason why they do the tests is to learn to be efficient enough with the tasks that they perform and to accomplish tasks within the time allocated. I am sure the results will be good.
Natural Sciences
We continue to do constructions of vehicles. This time we will  keep the vehicles that will have assembled to allow possibility for modifications.

 More information will be in the next Newsletter. Have a great week.

Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren