lördag 21 mars 2015

Newsletter Week 13

Newsletter Week 13
Dear Parents

The spring is almost fully on. It is fun to watch children enjoy it sometimes. However there is still need for harmony in the class.
Visit to Historiska Museum/Chess
Grade fours will visit Historiska muséet on Monday to watch the Viking Exhibition with Agnes and Patrik. We have also engaged extra time for chess in preparation for the “schack 4”. The chess competition will be held in Globen on the 30th March, 2015.
The test results for Mathematics are out and the results were great as usual. I will send them home for signatures before we put them in the portfolio files. The next topic will be statistics.  We will collect data over areas in our own interests for example favourite foods, favourite colours, favourite writers, tabulate the information and illustrate the results in bar graphs, line graphs or pictograms.
Circulation Library
There is a possibility to borrow books once more from the Circulation Library.  The play Romeo and Juliet was not available.  I will borrow two more class sets.
The children started to organise their Portfolios. This will enable them to follow their progress systematically in every subject until they receive the report formal report ( omdöme) for their final assessment this academic year. The detailed structure of the portfolio will be included on the blog.
Solar Eclipse
The eclipse of the sun was an outstanding fascination to the students. A link is on the blog about how the eclipse occurs.
The children will do 3-5 pages of Mathematics on the topic Time. Those who have finished with Time as a topic will start with Statistics.  
Easter Holiday Form
I have enclosed and Easter holidays forms to parents. Please fill the form urgently and hand it in on Monday next week.

 Kindest Regards

 Jacqueline Zettergren