måndag 4 maj 2015

Newsletter Week 19

 Dear parents.
Week 18 was a shorter week too. The children were free from school until Monday the 4th of May. They had a longer time to spend with parents and siblings. We have agreed to become the best class in the school again as we were last term. The rewards for being the best class are worth sacrificing for.
The children will continue to work with tables and diagrams. On Friday of week twenty the children will have a test on the topic tables and diagrams.
Natural Sciences
Technology is still be integrated with physics. The children have continued with the theme Movement and Construction (rörelse och konstruktion. The children have used elasticity to provide energy to the “standard fordon”. During the exercise the children were required to identify a way of controlling the distant incurred by the” standard fordon”, manoeuvre its acceleration and make it reverse with a rubber band as the only source of energy. This was pure fascination and a preparation of a more challenging tax where a propeller will be attached to the “standard fordon” and both acceleration and wind will initiate rotation of the propeller. I will enclose structured information of the relevance of our study of rörelse och konstruktion” to the Swedish Curriculum
Lgr 11.
The children will train their parts on “ Romeo and Juliet”. For Mathematics they will do page (145-147) Mattebogren 4A. 

More information will be in the next Newsletter.

Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren