fredag 5 juni 2015

Newsletter Week 24

Dear Parents
The term has come to an end. Thanks to all parents for cooperation.
Open Day for parents
The open day was a great moment for the children and the parents who could manage to come. All the work that was shown to parents will be retained in the childrens` Portfolio and IUP files.
Bränboll (Rounders) Competition
The students won against the teachers during the rounders competitions. This was great fun for the students.
Pysics/ Technology/ Mathematics
The topic contruction and movement came to a great end. Children showed videos of the constructions to their parents. The Mathematics test results was almost 100% pass for the whole class. The topic Tables and Diagrams gave the best results ever.
Week 24
Normal schedule
Football competitions teachers verses grade sixes.
No homework
Wednesday End of Term
9:00 -9:45          Meeting in the clasroom
10:00-11:00       Assembly at the school yard.
11:00                    A brief meeting by the horsechestnut tree infront of the main block
                             for a final farewell.