fredag 22 maj 2015

Newsletter Week 22
Dear Parents,
The week has been quite smooth, and the children have shown a serious side that was quite amazing during our wrestling with putting Romeo and Juliet together. What is great is that the children are so engaged in this act.
Athletics Competitions
The children had fun in the Athletics competitions and performed very well. They were proud of their achievements.
The Next Academic Year 2015-2016
Our working team in the 4th grade will continue to provide stability to childrenin the next academic year. The  team includes Agnes Halmin grade 4b SO, Swedish , Arts teacher and Class Teacher grade 4a, Patrik Garney Class Teacher for grade 4 C and “Förster lärare”, Ulla Johansson the Mathematics and Natural Sciences teacher for grade 4a and 4c. I will continue to be Class Teacher for grade 4b in the academic year 2015-2016.
Children are to revise for a quiz in the topic "Tabell och diagram". Parents whose children have completed all homework and feel a need for engaging the children can communicate with me to arrange optional homework for their children, Romeo and Juliet can be trained.
Mathematics / Natural Sciences
The children will continue with experiments for extracting energy from rubber/elastic bands (this time) for both  acceleration and for rotating a propeller. We will have to modify our Standard Fordon enable it to perform those activities for our experiments and this will be great fun. Mathematics We will integrate fractions with measurements of volume of liquids using different measuring vessels.

 Have a great week

 Kindest Regards
Jacqueline Zettergren