tisdag 29 september 2015

Scaffolding Learners to be Successful Writers

Effective writers are likely to:
Understand the purpose of writing.
Understand what they need to do with language so that it is appropriate
for the audience or purpose.
Understand how to organize and structure the overall writing and how
this organization differs according to the type of writing.
Understand that most writing is a recursive process, which requires writers
to revise, perhaps reorganize, and edit their work.
Be aware of differences between speech and writing and understand
that writing is not simply speech written down.
Draw on models of good writing and know how to go about
finding out what they don`t know, such as the spelling of a word.
Know something about the subject they are writing about.
Make their writing explicit enough for readers to understand.

Less Effective Writers
May be more concerned with the mechanics of writing such as spelling,
be overly concerned with” correctness”.
They may lack the confidence to write at length, be unaware of differences
 between different
texts types or lack and awareness of audience.
(ELALT, Pauline Gibbons pg.107)
The students will be exposed to different text types and be trained to gradually

 become effective writers.