fredag 18 december 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Parents
Thank you for a great term. Most if the Children  have improved a lot in their academic performances thanks to  parents for their continued support to their children.
There is a challenge for fifth graders to read a total of 650 books by the summer holidays. The 650 books include English books. This is an initiative by Agnes  and Patrik the other teachers of grade 5.. Our classes have very good reading habits which is very beneficial for language development. The Children have no homework however if they would like to start up with the challenge then it is optional for them to go ahead.
School starts again on the 11th of Junuary, 2016. Thanks for all the generous presents that I  always receive from you..
Have a peaceful and prosperous christmas and wishing the best for every family all the years to come.

Kindest Regards

Jacqueline Zettergren