fredag 29 januari 2016

Week 5

 The Parental Conferences are almost over. All parents who turned up came in time. The class now has great balance with the additional two children that we got. With all due respect I thank all parents who are cooperative and teamwork with us teachers to help their children to focus in school. Many children have benefited positively with the teamwork. Continue to communicate by email whenever you are wondering about anything unclear.

Mathematics/ Natural Sciences

The Children got additional 80 minutes to cope with the Mathematics calculations. They are to have a test on Wednesday of week 6. We are still studying Astronomy. We will take a closer look at how the Earth tilts on its axis, solstices and Equinoxes etc. I am sure tthe children will enjoy it.

Next week on the 4th  February we will visit Naturhistoriska  museum and visit Cosmonova. We have been privileged to have the school pay for the entry to Cosmonova however due to pressure of time we will be compelled to request for packed lunch to all children in the 5th grade.

Class Parents
Anna Sofi (Maya`s mum ) and Pia (Felix`s) mother agree to take the role of being class parents.

Veckan som gått har vi avslutat grammatikfilmerna. Vi har börjat nosa på nästa arbetsområde inom SO som är historia och denna gång reser vi till medeltiden. Se mail med bifogade planeringar för de nya arbetsområdena inom svenska och historia.

Torsdag 4/2 Läsläxa i läsutmaningen, minst 3 gånger 15 minuter (fyll i läsprotokoll)

Hälsningar från,

Agnes Halmin och Jacqueline Zettergren
Lärare år 5
Johannes skola